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Roscoe's Classic Deli Sandwich


Your choice of peppered turkey breast, honey roasted ham, top round roast beef, or a stack of apple wood smoked bacon. Swiss or cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato with Mayo or Mustard served on your choice sourdough, rye bread, or French roll.

Classic Deli Sandwich Sauce Choice:Mayo Mustard Sweet Hot Mustard Chipotle Mayo Jalapeno Mayo
Deli Cheese Choice:Cheddar Swiss Pepper Jack Provolone Smoked Gouda +$1B.C. Crumbles +$1
Deli Sandwich Bread Choice:Sourdough French Roll Squaw Bread Parmesan Toast +$1
Deli Sandwich Protein:Top Round Roast Beef Honey Roasted Ham Smoked Black Pepper Turkey Applewood Smoked Bacon
Side Choice 1 (Select 1):Curly Fries Steak Cut Fries Potato Salad Macaroni Salad Mac n Cheese +$2Corn on the Cob Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Cup of Soup +$2House Salad +$2Garlic Parmesan Steak Fries +$2Garlic Chips +$2Fresh Fruit Onion Rings +$2Loaded Mashed Potatoes +$2Rice Pilaf Cup of Chili +$2Veggies Chili Cheese Q +$3Chili Cheese Steak Fries +$3
(Optional) Additional Dressing:Balsamic Vinaigrette +$0.75Ranch Dressing +$0.75Bleu Cheese +$0.75Thousand Island +$0.75Italian Dressing +$0.75Honey Mustard +$0.75Caesar +$0.75Spicy Ranch +$0.75Bourbon Vinaigrette +$0.75

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