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Cajun Orleans Pasta Feasts


Tray of Fettucine Pasta served with bell peppers and red onions, Cajun Sausage, Shrimp, and tossed in house made Alfredo Sauce. Served with 12 halves of our famous Cheese Bread, a tray of House Salad with choice of dressing

Add Chicken +$14.95Sub Chicken for Shrimp
Feast Mods or Extras:Extra Alfredo Sauce (16 oz) +$6Extra Marinara Sauce (16 OZ) +$6Extra Meatballs (x4) +$8Extra Chicken Breast (x2) +$12
(Optional) Salad Dressing:Balsamic Vinaigrette Ranch Dressing Bleu Cheese Thousand Island Italian Honey Mustard Caesar Spicy Ranch Tamarind Vinaigrette Bourbon Vinaigrette
(Optional) Additional Dressing:Balsamic Vinaigrette +$0.75Ranch Dressing +$0.75Bleu Cheese +$0.75Thousand Island +$0.75Italian Dressing +$0.75Honey Mustard +$0.75Caesar +$0.75Spicy Ranch +$0.75Bourbon Vinaigrette +$0.75

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