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Chino Hills

Roscoe's Family BBQ Feasts


Perfect for family gatherings!

We start with 2 Full Racks of our savory St. Louis Ribs and 4 Quarter Chickens (Legs and Thighs), 
THEN: Choose 2: 
1 Pound Smoked Brisket,
1 Pound Pulled Pork, or 
1 Pound Cajun Hot Links.

Feast is served with:
Salad Tray with choice of Dressing 
AND 4 sides (1 Quart Each) Choose from:
*Mac and Cheese
*Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy
*Corn on the Cob (4 Pieces)
*Heroes BBQ Baked Beans
*Potato Salad
*Macaroni Salad

Don't forget to add a Salad Tray to complete the Feast!

BBQ Feast Protein Choice:Smoked Brisket Pulled Pork Cajun Sausage Link
Feast Side Choices (Pick 4):Potato Salad Macaroni Salad BBQ Baked Beans Corn on the Cob (4 Pieces) Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy Mac N Cheese Curly Fries (additional charge) +$4Steak Cut Fries (additional charge) +$4Onion Rings (additional charge) +$6Garlic Parmesan Steak Fries +$8
Add Feast BBQ Choice:House BBQ Sauce (8 Ounces) Carolina Gold (8 Ounces) Chino Valley Fire Sauce ( 8 Ounces) Dry
Add Additional Feast BBQ Choice:House BBQ Sauce (8 Ounces) +$4Carolina Gold (8 Ounces) +$4Chino Valley Fire Sauce ( 8 Ounces) +$4Dry

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