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Jonathanpham1234 8 days ago

Ahi Salad

Very good! Would recommend!

Lisa 10 days ago

California Chicken Club

Love it! Absolutely delicious

Ani Surei 12 days ago

Roscoe's Chili Nachos

Bring an extra stomach because you're gonna need it. So delicious. One of my favorites that i have yet to finish. Yummy!

S. 20 days ago

Nicks New Yorker

This is by far my favorite from their menu. I always have it on grilled sourdough bread. Portions are plentiful, so bring a huge appetite. The atmosphere and the staff are jovial and extremely serviceable. One of Chino Hills best restaurant.

Jimenez 23 days ago

Nicks New Yorker

Had dinner for a friends Bday!!! last week!!!! perfect like always🍻

Michaeldesantiago about 1 month ago

Cowboy BBQ Burger

So juicy anf flavorful. Cant go wrong if your a bbq lover. This place leave you full and food for days to take home. Enjoy every bite.

Iscclofty about 2 months ago

California Chicken Club

Oh my god. The best sandwich ever. Very enjoyable, Really enjoyed because of the fresh ingredients and amazing service.

Darlenemra about 2 months ago

Cheryl's Skinny Dip

This is just one of my favorites, to say the least it's full of flavor and since I am not a big eater I usually will finish this sandwich. I must say my second fav is the Nicholas' Meatballs- although this is an appetizer I order it along with a side salad to make it a meal. The meatballs are tender and very tasty, I highly recommend this dish. Me and my husband travel from La Mirada to Chino Hills to visit our daughter and son-in-law and we make sure we always stop in for lunch, dinner and or dinner and drinks. The staff is friendly, helpful and they make you feel part of which is very hard to find these days. We love this place so much that we stopped in for a night cap after our daughter's wedding ended!! If your in the area or a visitor from out of town/state this is a MUST STOP.... Enjoy and cheers to good eats and drinks!

Aivilokt about 2 months ago

Roscoe's Brisket

Best Damn Brisket Sandwich I've ever had!

Sammiejog95 about 2 months ago

Grilled Tuna Melt

I loved the combo of the cheese and avodcado with the tuna, it was made perfectly on my last visit, compliments to the cooks!

Reggie 2 months ago

Jack's Hot Legs

Jacks hot legs , Breaded are the best in town and around. Every time I eat here I can't get pass the wings. I gotta have them every time. If you are a true wing lover like me This is the place. No One does wing s better then this place.

Davilas1 3 months ago

Chicken & Shrimp Combo

This is my husband & my favorite dish to order. We split it & each get two sides. The chicken is moist with a tasty sauce on top & three grilled jumbo shrimps on a skewer. Even with the dish split, we can't finish between the two of us. Can't wait until next time.

Calah 3 months ago

Roscoes Big Stick

I absolutely love coming here for the food and drinks! Everything is always SO good! We have the best times here. Can't go wrong

Bigsal762000 3 months ago

Mahi-Mahi Sandwich

Great tasting Fish sandwich! i have a new favorite go-to ...

Justjennb13 3 months ago

Veggie Sandwich

Love this place to drink and eat homemade chips ! I ordered the veggie sandwich without provolone and extra spicy sweet mustard... I'm vegan now 2yrs but use to love the tuna melt and regular tuna! But had to move on! Everything is so fresh! Anyone I bring here loves this place! Great bartenders and servers super nice and helpful! Amazing brunch also can't beat there mimosas special!!! And the peanuts yummy! You won't be disappointed it's always busy so get there early especially if there is a game on you want to watch!

Davidcardenas98 3 months ago


SUPER DELICIOUS! I get one every time I go! Very nice with a mango cart!

Thorandjess 3 months ago

Roscoe's Steak Sandwich

Must go for their brunch during the weekends and have the Texas French toast. And during the weekday this steak sandwich is everything and more. Love the food, music and environment.

Ericka326 3 months ago

Your Godfather

This sandwich was one of the best I've had! It was so good and fulfilling. Best Italian sandwich. I would highly recommend

Douglasraleigh3 4 months ago

Cajun Salmon

The Cajun Salmon was amazing. 5/5 stars. The servings size was very large. fish was cooked perfect and seasoned deliciously.

Laurie 4 months ago

Reuben Castillo

Reuben Castillo...yum !!! It turned into 3 different meals for me! So much food! So good! I think my tall cold beer filled me up. Had curly fries too 😋 soooo good! I need that bavarian pretzel next!!

Anne 8 days ago

Jay-Bird's Chicken Sandwich

Beyond amazing!!!! Greatest dish plus steak fries can't go wrong

Ani Surei 12 days ago

The BR Chicken Sandwich

Get it buffalo style... it will change your life! Ah-may-zing!

Manna 13 days ago

The Martini

This sandwich right here is a work of art! Everything is just so delicious and flavourful and I do appreciate the always very generous amount of curly fries. The Fried Junk apetizer was so yummy as well! Loved the ranch sauce. I would also like to thank the beautiful waitress that gave us water for our little puppy. ROSCOES is the perfect place to go for a chill yet superb date night for me and my husband.

Charlesrollet 22 days ago

El Pequeno Caliente

Best drink ever. I order it every time and Ariel makes it consistently every time. My favorite by far. No other restaurant can touch their drinks. Roscoe's is our favorite place. Great food, drinks and employees.

Jimenez about 1 month ago

Roscoe's Burger

I absolutely love this restaurant we've been celebrating my husband's birthday for the past 3 years and I love it the drinks are amazing the service is awesome the whole atmosphere is just so great!!!

Rubidiaz1991 about 2 months ago

San Francisco Burger

This place is a must try.I totally reccomend you try the San Franisco Burger and fries ,and the watermelon margarita, for all my margaritas fans. Delicious it was, my daughter ate all her pasta. It was flavorable ,juicy and delicious. The Atmosphere was great, friendly people, and great customer service. see you for breakfast Roscoes!

Mwnance about 2 months ago

Soco Sandwich

This is absolutely the best sandwich I ever had. The meat is piled high and has outstanding flavor. I have since moved to Texas and when I come back I buy a bunch of them, freeze them and take them back home. Next rip in Sept!

Julius about 2 months ago

Mahi-Mahi Sandwich

Man Look! It's football Season and Roscoe's is the spot! I put them to the test. Not only did I have the MAHI MAHI SANDWICH, for starters I smashed the HOT LEGS. They have a full bar & over 20 taps of brewskies for the bromance on MNF, TNF, all day Sunday. The bartenders are polite and socialable. My food came out amazing! Don't worry about the price strategize on how you are going to devour the portions. They are huge! Oh I just screwed up my entire gym workout! Anyways, go to ROSCOE'S IN CHINO HILLS During Football Season and if you get off late from work. Your taste buds and belly will be satisfied.... let me finish my beeerrr! Oh... don't forget to tip the bartender hefty! I WILL AND YOU SHOULD ALSO😉 I feel at home.

Susie about 2 months ago

Cajun Chicken New Orleans

Best pasta dish in Chino Hills . This dish can be shared and still have enough for next day!

Jordan 2 months ago

Michael's Chicken Fingers

An appetizer that can be a meal in and of itself. The chicken is fantastic and comes with a mountain of their delicious fries. Cant decide whether to write for this or their Chicken Parmesan, which made me come by two days in a row to get both.

Almanielsen07 3 months ago

Ahi Salad

So good!!

Emedlokat 3 months ago

The "Phat Jack" Jalapeno Burger

Delicious burger. Portions are huge. Great environment. You won't leave hungry.

Vrocks 3 months ago

Ahi Salad

I'm doing the keto diet and this salad is keto friendly. Fish is cooked to perfection and adds an amazing flavor to the salad. I add extra avocado, egg and bacon. Another great thing about this salad is that it comes out quick. Perfect for lunch!

Paul 3 months ago

Ahi Salad

The perfect salad for a hot day with enough protein so your no hungry 2hrs later. Great dish!

Gab99sill 3 months ago

Mahi-Mahi Sandwich

Everything is great here!!! Sandwiches are filling and great flavor and great slide.. everything is fresh and great crowd, not for those that want quiet.

Lemuscv 3 months ago

Cowboy BBQ Burger

The Cowboy burger is lean and juicy with a tangy barbecue sauce that leaves your pallet savoring an explosion of flavors. But before that you got to have the cheese bread. The melting goodness all over it is perfect before diving into the main course. It's the right place for the common beer drinker or the craft beer enthusiast, showcasing an amazing list of various beers. The ambience is great for children too! It has rustic flair with tons of eye candy everywhere and the feel of a ballpark moment when you throw your peanut shells to the floor. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. Roscoes is not only a restaurant. It's a local attraction rich in originality and fantastic food!

Mleyva1989 3 months ago

The Martini

this sandwich is amazing. Every time I come here or order out I get this sandwich with steak fries. The bread itself is amazing but I love how the chicken, lettuce, tomato, balsamic and the buffalo mozzarella complement each other. The best part of the sandwich is how you feel after your done. You'll definitely feel full but not overly stuffed. So if your looking for some good eats, I will start with the Martini!

Don 3 months ago

Soco Sandwich

Holy Crap! THE BEST sandwich I have ever had! HUGE portions, awesome service.

Jedijayke 4 months ago

The Martini

The martini sandwich is one if not the best sandwich I have ever had. Every chance I get to come into roscoes I don't even have to read the menu to know what I want. The martini has changed my life. Get the Martini, you won't be disappointed.


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